Real Estate, Acquisition, Development and Remediation

commercial-realestate-finalFirst Fairfield purchases and develops real estate for its own portfolio.

The principals and employees of First Fairfield possess considerable experience both in acquiring and developing real estate including distressed properties and troubled assets and in securing land use and environmental approvals. The strong familiarity with these processes has provided the backdrop for First Fairfield’s activities assisting in the structuring of new transactions, and in applying for and obtaining site plan and environmental approvals for new projects.

While pursuing commercial problem-solving and economic recovery, the principals and employees of First Fairfield are ever mindful of their commitment to creative socially responsible, ethical, and community-centered entrepreneurship. In this spirit, First Fairfield provides consulting services free of charge to beginning entrepreneurs and neighborhood organizations and has a strong and focused community outreach component.

First Fairfield is not a lender, broker, or advisor and does not serve in a fiduciary or legal capacity in any of its engagements and works through principal’s counsel.