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“The best way to learn how to put a deal together is to know how to take one apart.”

First Fairfield Associates is a social enterprise investment firm offering business consulting services nationwide to attorneys for real estate professionals. First Fairfield acquires, remediates, develops, and operates commercial properties. First Fairfield also acts as a direct venture capital source and repositioning partner for pre-revenue entrepreneurial start-ups with significant positive social and community impact.

The principals and employees of First Fairfield possess considerable experience both in restructuring and acquiring distressed properties and in securing land use approvals and environmental remediation. The strong familiarity with these processes has provided the backdrop for its activities assisting in the structuring of new transactions, and in applying for and obtaining site plan and subdivision approvals for new projects. As one company official has said, “The best way to learn how to put a deal together is to know how to take one apart.”

We also have considerable expertise in nonprofit development and management, small business enterprise, and community entrepreneurship incubator programming. We find some of our greatest work resulting from an injection of private sector innovation within the public service sector serving a social, cultural, or environmental good. The collaboration between profit-driven and social enterprise can yield remarkable results. Our work has included funding tech startups that help veterans, new college graduates, and formerly incarcerated find jobs, providing seed capital to young entrepreneurs from MIT who bring together donors and volunteers with non-profits, and investing in distressed properties, revitalizing them and the community around them.

We invest in people, communities, and groundbreaking ideas.

First Fairfield is not a lender, broker, or advisor and does not serve in a fiduciary or legal capacity in any of its engagements. We serve as business consultants to attorneys representing real estate professionals; we work directly through principal’s counsel and as a direct source of venture capital as principals for emerging or existing companies and for the acquisition and turnaround of distressed properties.

First Fairfield Associates is a Connecticut Limited Liability Company with its main corporate office in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

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