We are consultants, developers and investors.

What We Do

First Fairfield Associates is a social enterprise firm offering consulting services nationwide, for residential and commercial real estate debt restructure and land use planning matters. First Fairfield also acts as a direct venture capital source and repositioning partner for pre-revenue entrepreneurial start-ups with significant positive social and community impact; and acquires, remediates, develops and operates residential and commercial properties.

First Fairfield is not a lender and does not serve in any fiduciary capacity in any of its engagements. We do not serve as legal counsel or brokers but as consultants to attorneys, accountants, and companies, and as a direct source of venture capital, as principals, for emerging or existing companies and for the acquisition and turnaround of distressed properties.

How We Help

We put our real estate and economic expertise into action for many projects:

  • Our focus on revitalizing distressed properties has led us to take the lead on an adaptive restoration and construction project in downtown Saratoga Springs, New York.
  • Working with several entrepreneurial start-ups, we are raising the bar on web-based services ranging from innovative employment matching programs, for college graduates and U.S. Armed Forces veterans, and an initiative to improve the non-profit donor experience.

First Fairfield is not a lender or broker and does not serve in a fiduciary or legal capacity in any of its engagements.